International Organization of Labor

340th Session of the Governing Body

Segment HL2


Statement of Portugal


Thank you Chair,

In line with the EU statement, Portugal welcomes the document presented by the Office. ILO’s response to Covid-19 is the best guarantee of the successful implementation of this integrated strategy. 

We are living a crisis that is affecting all the world of work.

The first step to maintain global and social cohesion is to recognize that this is a crisis with unequal effects. Some regions and some countries have been more affected than others. Some social groups and economic sectors have been more impacted than others.

To respond to the challenge, Portugal is putting in place a wide range of policies following the same pillars proposed by ILO since the beginning of this crisis: stimulating the economy and employment; supporting enterprises, jobs and incomes; protecting workers in the work place; and relying on social dialogue. 

But besides national efforts, we also need regional and global guidance.

That’s why the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights will be a top priority of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Council, in the first Semester of 2021. We all need a stronger multilateral system and a stronger leading global role for ILO. No country can afford to deal with such a crisis alone.

In the current context, Occupational Safety and Health has to be a priority for our organization and all its members when it comes to building back better.

The same applies to human rights and decent work in global supply chains and Universal Social Protection. In this respect, we would like to reaffirm our national commitment with social justice and the fundamental rights at work, the OSH Coalition Initiative and ILO’s Flagship Program on Social Protection For All.   

We also take this occasion to underline the need for a sectorial tripartite guidance on the future of work in most affected sectors, particularly on the tourism and leisure sector, as the European Union defends.   

More than ever, the world of work needs to hear the tripartite voice of ILO.

The Centenary Declaration is our guiding reference of principles and priorities for the decades to come.

To conclude, in line with the EU and IMEC, we believe that what the world of work expects from the next ILC is a tripartite guidance on how to implement those principles and priorities in face of the current crisis.

Thank you Chair.

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