IOM Council - 113th Session


29 November – 2 December 2022


General Debate


Statement by Portugal


Thank you Chair and congratulations on assuming your function .

Portugal aligns with the statement delivered by the EU. Let me also welcome Barbados to the IOM family.

We thank the Director-General for his statement and update on current activities,. We salute his continued commitment with the reform agenda, crucial to keep a growing IOM fit-for-purpose.

Let me reiterate our government’s strong support to DG’s Antonio Vitorino bid for a second term.

Under his leadership, member States agreed on an important set of reforms, first on senior management, then on the budget. He is therefore particularly well placed to develop and implement what we decided on a second mandate, which has been the long-lasting tradition for many decades at OIM.


Portugal sees migration as a powerful driver for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Historically we were a country of origin, and we have a very large diaspora worldwide. But over the last 50 years we became also a country of destination. We believe migrants all over the world play a vital part in their communities and provide a positive contribution, both in the countries of origin and of destination.

We’re pleased to see that this was recognised in the progress declaration adopted by consensus at the first IMRF, which marked, with success, the completion of the first cycle of GCM implementation.

As champion country, Portugal remains engaged in this process. We are committed to reviewing our National Implementation Plan, in line with the priorities of the Progress Declaration.


The governance of migratory movements means establishing clear and sustainable regular migration routes, tackling irregular migration and fighting human trafficking networks. Therefore, we will continue:

  • To advocate for a multilateral approach to migration, based on solidarity and human rights;
  • To consolidate the integration of immigrants and refugees into society, with a humanistic approach and simplification of procedures. This is reflected in the amendments to our “Law on Foreign Nationals”, which includes, i.a, facilitating residence visas for digital nomads and higher education students, as well as job seeking visas.
  • To strengthen our cooperation with countries of origin and transit. We have signed several Bilateral Labour Migration Agreements with key partner countries and are negotiating more.
  • To implement measures at the national level to promote migrant labour integration and facilitate the recognition of qualifications, skills and competences.

We remain engaged in providing international protection to those who choose our country to pursue their lives in safety. Since last February, almost 55 000 people of different nationalities fleeing the Russian war in Ukraine arrived in Portugal under the Temporary Protection Directive. We approved special measures, including education, health and housing, to protect and integrate them in our country. The already large Ukrainian diaspora in Portugal played a crucial role, as well as the municipalities, showcasing a whole of society and of government approach.   

To conclude, Portugal has been making voluntary unearmarked contributions to IOM providing a much necessary flexibility to the Organization. We have also contributed to the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund and invite others to join on this effort.

I thank you                             

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