UPR 41 – Algeria


Statement by Portugal


Mr. President,

Portugal welcomes the High level delegation of Algeria and congratulates for their commemorative day.

We welcome the establishment of the Constitutional Court and the adoption of laws to increase women's representation in elected assemblies and political parties.

In the spirit of constructive dialogue, Portugal recommends that Algeria:

  • take concrete measures to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence in health settings, including against LGBTI persons and persons with HIV/AIDS, by removing legal provisions criminalizing and stigmatizing them and providing appropriate human rights training to health workforce;
  • fully respect the rights to freedom of expression and media freedom, including by decriminalizing defamation and ensure that the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority operates with full independence and respect of international human rights standards;
  • revert the policy of institutionalization of persons with disabilities, and adopt legislation and specific measures to protect children with disabilities from abuse and neglect, while ensuring they have access to quality and affordable inclusive education;

Portugal wishes Algeria a successful UPR.

Thank you.

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