UPR 42 – Ghana


Statement by Portugal

Speaking time: 1’05’’


Thank you, Chair.

Portugal welcomes the delegation of Ghana and wishes it a successful review.

Portugal congratulates Ghana for the establishment of a National Mechanism for Implementation, Report and Follow-up and for the enactment of the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education and the Free Senior High School policies.

Aware of the improvements made by Ghana in the field of mental health, Portugal recommends that Ghana:

  1. extends training to all mental health staff, caregivers, traditional and faith-based practitioners to reduce stigma and discrimination and move towards rights-based approaches in mental health in line with the CRPD.
  1. adopts the draft bill to abolish the death penalty and ratifies the Optional Protocol to the ICCPR.
  1. implements the new National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan and takes measures to eliminate all forms of discrimination, intimidation or violence against key populations, including by repealing laws that criminalized consensual same-sex relations among adults.

Thank you.

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